What it’s all about-You!!

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One of the best things about this job is the great folks you meet and the satisfaction you can gain from putting together a trip that the folks really appreciate and will remember for a long time!

We have a large archive of customers/ friends we have made over the years. Here’s just one to get us started. It is wild in the office right now, but we will add a lot more as time allows.


These great fellows, from Brockville, Ontario are my veterans with about 15 consecutive trips!  I’ll get to see them again this April as they are all hooked up!…J.T.


And it’s not ALL about Canadians – here is a great group of guys from the Woburn, MA area:

This group ar re-hydrating themselves after a hot round!

These boys are re-hydrating themselves after a hot round.

These boys are re-hydrating themselves after a hot round.


These Ontario Boys below have been great customers as well. I’ve had a chance to play with them ( on their Ryder Cup Day) and have enjoyed a little Texas Hold’em back at their condo as well. I think 2010 will be our 8th year together!

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