Here is how we work together to get to get your trip set-up.

If this is the very first golf trip you’ve put together you are going to be surprised at how easy it is when you work with the right people. And, if you’re a veteran Group Leader with many trips under your belt, we want you to be wishing you had found us long before this. If you are in either category, there can be a lot of pressure on a Group Leader to get the trip right. That’s where we are a great help. We work so very closely with you from start to finish. Plenty of emails back and forth and good telephone conversations so that you know everyone will have a great time. In a nutshell, here is how it all works

  • You establish your dates of travel and how you are going to travel to get here.
  • You contact us by email or telephone and we begin the dialogue of what you would like to do. We’ve been doing this a long time and I know the questions to ask so that we get going in the right direction. Level of golfers proficiency, importance of nightlife to the group, willingness to travel a greater distance if the course quality and value is there, and a very general per person budget all help to get us started.
  • We send you a very detailed quote with everything spelled out and no surprises. Likely, you will have some feedback of your own to this and we will work back and forth until we have nailed down exactly what we want to do.
  • We go ahead and make ALL reservations and tee-times to get just as close as possible to our planned schedule. No deposits are required prior to my getting to work (see below)- just an honest understanding that we intend to work together. We will always run the completed schedule by you to make sure it fills the bill and keep adjusting until you are satisfied.
  • We will send you a completed Reservation Form so you can share the program with the others in your group. At this point a deposit is due (see Payment Info below)
  • On or about the specified date for balance payment, final payment is made and you will have a complete and comprehensive Golf Package delivered to your home. Golf Vouchers for the courses we have picked out together, Scorecards, Accommodation Vouchers and check-in instructions ( if applicable), Maps, and any other discount or free admission vouchers we can come up with, are in your hands well before you leave.
  • You arrive at Myrtle Beach on your arrival day and have the best golf vacation ever!!!

Sorry – but you’ve got to pay for this package…

But we try to make it easy. Unlike so many package companies, only when tee-times are taken, and you’re satisfied with your schedule, do we ask for a $75 (mainly refundable) deposit per person.    Nope –  no deposits required with us as long as we do intend to work together. That will make it a lot easier for a Group Leader who isn’t sure of his final number of players. Of course, if you want us to collect one we will be happy to do so. Because you are going to have the entire golf package (golf vouchers, scorecards, map, accommodation vouchers, some special coupons if applicable, etc.) in your hands before you leave home we need you to please pay the balance at least three weeks prior to your arrival date. You can pay for your group by by money order, certified check, Visa, Master Card  or American Express or bank transfer (total for group only and special discounts for you apply here). To make it as easy as possible for the Group Leader, any member of your group can pay separately using their individual credit card at no addition cost.

On a booking with real short notice (like you’re calling from I-95 and it has happened more than once), the whole package may have to be paid at the time of the booking. Then you would receive an E-Package – not as cool as the real thing, but still with everything you would need for a great time!

You have to cancel the entire trip- now what happens?

We certainly know that no one would want to cancel a golf trip on purpose. But things happen sometimes that are beyond your control. We can cancel a package for you on very short notice ( some courses and properties are a little more strict than others about lead times- especially for larger groups so their are exceptions) and return all of your money to you, less the credit card fees we incur on receipt and refunds. If you choose to reschedule, we’ll credit these fees against a future trip this $15 fee is waived. Our basic philosophy is: we want to get your money back to you. If you don’t think you are being treated right, we won’t hear from you again and that’s not how you grow a business.

One of your group members can’t come at the last minute?

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. Just let us know as soon as possible. If there is enough time to find a replacement golfer (and we will work to give you every possible extra day) then there would be no financial impact. We would simply collect from the replacement golfer and return everything we have received on behalf of the golfers who must cancel. If you cannot find a replacement golfer, then the courses would be advised to change downwards the numbers of golfers on the tee sheet. There would be an impact on our lodging because everything is priced based on occupancy levels ( 4 in a condo, 2 in a hotel room, etc). Often, at the very last minute, the golfer who must stay home will leave his lodging portion in the pot so that no one else is impacted. In almost every case we can still get his entire golf portion back to him and most are very satisfied with that. Every case turns out to be a little different, but rest assured – we do everything possible to make it a smooth and painless as possible for all.

Oh no… RAIN!!!!!

A rainout is the last thing anyone wants to have happen, but unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t play golf. Each course will have its own rainout policy and we must abide by their rules to book tee-times. Over the last couple of years the rapidly growing trend for most courses is to issue rain checks for rain-out rounds. Some are good indefinitely, and some have expiration dates (usually a year, but we have been able to negotiate extensions 100% of the time so far). If the rain checks can be worked into the schedule during the trip – great. If not, they can be used on future trips. Any good golf packager will ask the courses to hold times for you as a courtesy against the rain checks as you set up next years trip. There are still a few courses who will agree to waive charges for a rained out day. There is a space on the reverse of your voucher for a signature from the Pro Shop signifying there will be no charge. Have it signed – return it to us – and we will be able to issue a refund.

Non Golfers?

Non-golfers are welcome. They would just pay for their lodging portion. Non-golfers will be charged a cart fee, if they ride along at the golf course.


We just can’t do a one person package. All course require us to book twosomes at a minimum. Sorry!

Large Group Discounts?

For every 20 golfers who stay and play each day, 1 trip is free. We also offer a “Headquarters ” condo in lieu of the free trip that is very popular with large groups. It’s a great place to congregate, play cards, bring in pizza—and – you have two extra bedrooms at your disposal.

Do the prices on your golf packages include breakfast?

Breakfast is not included in most of our packages unless you are staying at a hotel or oceanfront resort. This is by design, because based on our own experience, especially in larger groups and on longer stays there is always someone who will miss his breakfast or want some variety. We hate to charge for something you may not use. With many, many inexpensive breakfast houses up and down the Strand, it is better at times to eat a little closer to your morning course and make sure you make your tee-time.

The Quote Request sure has a lot of questions?

The more you tell us the better able we are to suggest a trip that will really fill the bill. All packages prices are based on when we are coming, how long we are staying, where we will stay, and how many rounds of golf we’ll play and on what courses.

Will arrange air travel or Rental Cars?

Not on a bet! With websites out there like or you can really find the best deals on your own. Plus then we work on what we really know best- the lodging and most importantly the golf. Same with rental cars. When you are researching airfare, don’t forget to consider alternative airports. Wilmington, NC (ILM is airport code) is just 45 minutes north of the northern end of the strand and has been offering competitive flights from the Northeast lately. Then you can play a great north end course on the way in or out!

You just never know what Mother Nature can throw at you

On average the high for February is 57F (14C), 74F (23C) in April and October and 88F (31C) in July. We’ve seen extremes at either end. The last two years has seen temps of 70+ degrees at the end of January.